Kelly's Blog: Fabulous Parks a Perk

9:47 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
Dachshund Walk at Delaware Park
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I've decided that I'd like to start running outside more instead of sticking to the treadmill.

I've avoided running outside in the past because I didn't have great safe options. I lived on a parkway that didn't have sidewalks.

The closest park with safe running trails was a good 20-25 minutes away, and sometimes it was tough enough to motivate myself to get started.

A car ride through congested traffic in a city that wasn't built to expand (I'm talking about you, Little Rock) isn't exactly my cup of tea before a run to get the stress out.

I was thrilled about now being able to live in a community where parks are plentiful. Definitely a perk. This past weekend, I explored two parks.

The first on Saturday, and while it was in a cool location, it wasn't really a park for runners - or joggers/speed walkers - which is how I would more accurately classify myself.

Then on Sunday, I visited Delaware Park and had a fabulous time. It was about to rain, but that did not deter the athletes, families, or me from getting out there. I saw so many sports being played, I lost count. And, I was so happy to be among people who enjoy being outside.

It was great! I look forward to many more trips to Delaware Park, and it doesn't take me long to get there at all. Now, that's a perk.

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