My Experience with an EF-4 Tornado

6:55 AM, May 21, 2013   |    comments
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People in Moore, Oklahoma are in recovery mode after a devastating EF-4 tornado hit the community late Monday.

This tornado and the destruction it left behind reminds me of the EF-4 tornado I covered several years back during my forecasting days in Wyoming.

In 2005 the town of Wright, WY had dozens of homes leveled by a deadly EF-4 tornado. It left more than 90 families homeless, several people killed and many others injured. I covered the tornado warning from the studio the night before and was out on location at first light the next morning to cover the aftermath. What I saw and heard in person is still with me, but also the amazing stories of survival and hope. One little girl told me her survival story. She said at the very last moment she quickly ran and hid in the bathtub. The side of the house fell on top of her but the window positioned right over her so she could crawl out of the debris.

The entire morning the residents were rightfully upset by the destruction, but by the afternoon they grouped together for lunch and tried to uplift their spirits. Some were even humming together to try and bring peace back to the community. I was amazed at how optimistic they were.

My heart goes out to all the families in Oklahoma picking up the pieces today, and anyone else who has experienced the damaging power mother nature can bring.











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