Crime Issues Hold Weight in Mayoral Race

8:47 PM, Sep 7, 2013   |    comments
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 BUFFALO,NY -- Joseph Washington was a man whose smile was contagious.

 "He was just so funny, you could talk to him about anything and he would just make your day."

 Now all Joseph's family has to hold on to are memories captured. The 61-year old was shot and killed three years ago when he was outside talking with friends.

It remains an unsolved murder.

 "It's just some people with guns trying to hurt other people," Nona Holman said. "He was in the wrong spot at the wrong time and he caught the bullet". "It just makes you wonder value of life anymore."

 But Nona Holman is trying to make the best of things organizing this event called stop the violence.

 "It does not so much anger me as it saddens me that people are so heartless and that they would take a life for no reason at all," Holman said.

 Senseless violence is on the minds of many people in Buffalo who are taking their opinions to the polls.

 Our recent poll 2 on your side buffalo news Siena College poll in August asked which candidate for mayor people think would do the best job when it comes to fighting crime.

 49 percent say mayor Byron Brown

40 percent -- say Bernie Tolbert --

11 percent are undecided or do not have an opinion.

 "We are working hard every single day to try and reduce crime in the city," Mayor Brown said. "We've implemented new initiatives, and we've hired new police officers."

We've installed surveillance cameras that never existed  and we've created new police initiatives," Brown said.

 People are paying attention. Just this week a teenage girls body was discovered behind a garage.

 "Either you're on your way up or you're on your way out," Dick Clark said. "Egos and pigeons don't fly together and we need some help right now."

 So that families don't have to suffer -

 "I think as a community we really need to come together and hold events like this," Nakiyah Jones said. "So people can realize we're all here for each other. Don't need to shoot each other to get point across."

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