Final Blog As a Single Lady

2:53 PM, Sep 14, 2013   |    comments
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Exactly one week from today I'll enter the wonderful world of joint tax returns and better health insurance...and the not so great world of people asking us when we're going to have kids (five seconds after we exchange vows).

I've gotten a lot of questions from people asking me about the wedding, how Wes and I met, what I'm most excited about when it comes to marriage, etc.  -- so my last blog as a single lady is more of a Q & A.

How did Wes and I meet?

We met in July 2009, through a mutal friend, who, like Wes, is a State Trooper.  Our first meeting was at the Clarence barracks while we were both working.  It was a slightly awkward, 30 second, "does this seem too forced" kind of conversation.  Since then, we both chalked it up to nerves.  I brought donuts and coffee for my friend, who then offered some to Wes (to get him to come chat with me).  Wes replies with "I don't do donuts in uniform."  He redeemed himself a couple of weeks later with a phone call and an invite to a party on August 1st.  The rest is history.

What part of the wedding am I most excited about?

The champagne? I'm excited about all of it! I get to marry my best friend and share the day with all of the people I love most.  I can't wait to see more than a year of planning come to fruition.  I'm excited for the cake, the flowers, the dancing, the candy buffet (yes, candy buffet...I have a wicked sweet tooth!)...and everything the night has to offer.  We are so lucky to be planning the wedding we both want.  I would marry him without the big celebration.  Shhhh, don't tell him that!

Most worried about?

All things water.  I don't want it to rain.  I don't want to be a crying, bumbling mess that ends up looking like Alice Cooper because my waterproof mascara isn't so waterproof.  I'm worried about bathroom breaks in a giant wedding gown.   

Speaking of...what does my dress look like?

Only a few people have seen my dress -- which is pretty good considering I hate surprises.  I have to keep some secrets, but I will say it's ivory, strapless, A-line, with just enough sparkle.  Y'all will have to wait for pictures!

Am I nervous? Stressed?

I'm freaking myself out a bit because I am so calm (does that even make sense?) To answer the question, I am neither nervous nor stressed.  We're fortunate enough to have this wedding, so I refuse to get stressed about choosing centerpieces or a first dance song.  If that's our biggest worry, I say we're pretty damn lucky.

Thanks to everyone who has shared in all of our excitement over the past two years.  We are happy beyond words and can't wait to begin this new chapter together!  I'll be back to Daybreak in a few weeks...hopefully with a sweet tan!

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