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Maryalice's 2 Cents - Punishment for the Bus Bullies

1:31 PM, Jun 30, 2012

Maryalice gives her "2 Cents" about whether the punishment for the four boys who bullied the bus monitor fits the crime. What are your thoughts? Was it too harsh, too lenient, or just right?

My 2 Cents: Holiday Shopping

10:54 PM, Dec 20, 2010

Free shipping, cyber shopping, catelogs...we get overrun by all that this time of year. Well how about this? Shop local.

My 2 Cents: Loraine O'Donnell Wishes Happy Holidays

12:22 AM, Dec 8, 2010

When did wishing someone "Happy Holidays" become an all-out assault on Christmas?

My 2 Cents: Ted Shredd Sounds off About Left Lane Abuse

12:05 AM, Dec 2, 2010

I don't know what it is about getting behind the wheel of a car that transforms us into inconsiderate morons. I could go off in many directions right now, but for now I'll just focus on left hand lane abuse.

My 2 Cents: Tom Ragan Talks Chris Collins and Library Funding

11:35 PM, Nov 29, 2010

Our Erie County Executive Chris Collins likes to tell people he's a businessman, well tell me if this makes good business sense.

My 2 Cents: Ed Kilgore Talks About The Bills

11:37 PM, Nov 19, 2010

Did Sunday's win over the Lions blow the Bills' chance at grabbing the number one pick in April's NFL draft?

My 2 Cents: Tom Ragan Dishes About Cell Phone Guy

10:24 PM, Nov 18, 2010

By now most of us know about cell phone etiquette, but there are still a few who don't get it, call him cell phone guy.

My 2 Cents: Chris Reynolds Speaks About a Mental Health Crisis Facing the Black Community

10:26 PM, Nov 15, 2010

The Black community is in the midst of a mental health crisis, in our community and across this nation.

My 2 Cents: John Beard Gets Ready to Make a Committment

11:23 PM, Nov 12, 2010

I'm about to enter into a committed relationship. It's been a long time since I've done this but I think I'm ready.

My 2 Cents: Dan Meyer Talks About Respecting the Crosswalk

10:18 PM, Nov 10, 2010

I'm amazed by how many motorists in Western New York seem to ignore or simply don't understand the basic rules for crosswalks.

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Rob Lederman

12:04 PM, Oct 18, 2010

Rob Lederman has been performing Stand Up Comedy for the past 26 years. If Rob looks familiar, he used to cook on Channel 2 as "The Secret Gourmet". If he sounds familiar, it is because he is starting his 20th year as the funnyman on the 97 Rock morning show.

Loraine O'Donnell

12:04 PM, Oct 18, 2010

Loraine O'Donnell has considered Buffalo home for the past 20 years and feels like she grew up here!

Never at a loss for words, she hosts GOOD MORNING BUFFALO on WECK 1230am from 5:30-9 on weekdays.  When not at work you can find her on various stages all over western New York as an award winning Singer, Actress, Improv and performer.

Tom Ragan

12:10 PM, Oct 18, 2010

Tom Ragan is a co-host of The Shredd and Ragan Show, a talk radio show on 103.3 The Edge WEDG.

Ted Shredd

12:09 PM, Oct 18, 2010

Ted Shredd is a co-host of The Shredd and Ragan Show, a talk radio show on 103.3 The Edge WEDG.

My 2 Cents: Dan Meyer Talks Term Limits

5:15 AM, Nov 5, 2010

Now that the latest elections have come and gone, it's time to focus on an important issue - term limits.

My 2 Cents: Ted Shredd Says Dress It Up For Halloween

9:54 PM, Oct 29, 2010

If you are going to a Halloween party this year, dress up! Take on the task and have some fun with it.

My 2 Cents: Rob Lederman Questions Today's TV Famillies

11:46 AM, Oct 29, 2010

Rob Lederman Questions Today's TV Families

My 2 Cents: Loraine O'Donnell Talks About Real Housewives

8:41 PM, Oct 26, 2010

My name is Loraine O'donnell and I'm hooked on REALITY TV.

My 2 Cents: John Beard Talks About Politicians and Voters

9:05 PM, Oct 25, 2010

The election is right around the corner and I'm mad as hell.

My 2 Cents: Tom Ragan Shares His View of Paladino's Campaign

10:19 PM, Oct 22, 2010

In the race for governor, the Paladino campaign has been disaster.

My 2 Cents: Rob Lederman vs. The Slow Drive-Thru Customer

6:30 PM, Oct 21, 2010

How many times do you go to a coffee or fast food drive-thru only to be stuck behind some buffoon that doesn't understand the concept of a drive thru?

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