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8:57 AM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
Michael Wooten
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I filled in today for John Beard, which meant getting up at 3 a.m. (I actually set my alarm for 2:58... I'm strange like that).

Anyways, those who know me well know that I'm on a big health kick right now. I'm going to the gym to lift 5-6 times a week (only one day of cardio haha) and being very careful about what I'm eating. I'm trying to consume about 3000 calories a day, mostly high-protein, etc.

The result is that I'm basically eating all day long.

As you can imagine, that can be hard when you're up early, because I don't really give myself time to fix a lot of food before coming into the station.

So a friend recommended Carnation Breakfast Essentials. (This is not a paid promotion by the way hahaha). It's basically just a packet of powder mix that you put with a cup of milk.

It's delicious!!!

And it's got no fat, a decent amount of protein, and lots of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, it does have 18 grams of sugar, but whatcha gonna do?!

I'm recommending it to everyone I know. I'm sure there are other brands of similar stuff... probably including cheaper store brands. It basically just tastes like flavored milk. Luckily, it's not chalky or anything... mixes up well.

So that's my tip for the day. If you're on the run in the morning and don't have a lot of time, pick this up at the store!

Have a great weekend!

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