Keeping Your Plants Hydrated

11:19 AM, Feb 2, 2007   |    comments
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We're in the middle of winter and everything is dry, our house is dry and our plants are dry too. Its not enough just to water the plants, every once and a while you need to add some more humidity around the plant. So you want to just get a bottle and mist the leaves. That's all you do, just mist it. This will put some more humidity back in the soil. You could also put a tray of pebbles under the plant and keep those pebbles moist. That would add some humidity. Another good trip for helping to keep humidity in plants, if your house plants are on a table or a shelf group a bunch of plants together. That will also keep some of the humidity in. Just like you use moisturizer on your hands, think about your poor plants and give them a mist.

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