Patients Surprised with Unusual Welcome Gifts at Buffalo General Hospital

4:11 PM, Jun 12, 2011   |    comments
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Sandra Hamilton, a member of the housekeeping staff at Buffalo General Hospital, makes towel animals to welcome new patients.

BUFFALO, N.Y.- When admitted to the hospital patients expect certain things, like having blood work done, maybe surgery.

What they don't expect, is a surprise gift from Sandra Hamilton.

Hamilton spends her days making patients at Buffalo General Hospital smile, by sharing her hidden-until-now talent; she's got a knack for making towel animals. Each patient gets one upon admission to the hospital. She's has been turning the towels into treasures for about five months; long enough to know which ones are patient favorites.

"Everybody loves the elephants, because they say they're good luck," said Hamilton. "The guys like the cobras, most of the guys like the cobras, but the women, when they ask for a cobra, I be like, what?"

She says she's not good at rabbits, and she's trying to learn how to make monkeys and seals. Her gifts and her genuine love for creating and giving them has made her quite popular around the hospital; with both patients and staff. In May, she was awarded employee of the month.

"I get so many hugs, I get lots of hugs, I feel special because, you know the patients, they're so overwhelmed," said Hamilton.

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