94-Year-Old Volunteer Keeps Others Young

1:01 PM, Jul 10, 2011   |    comments
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94-year-old Nina McMahon still volunteers for Meals on Wheels once a week.

ANGOLA, NY - At 94 years old, Nina McMahon is older than many of the customers she serves as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. But she's too busy to notice -- or care.

"I like to be busy, and I like people, and I like to do things," said McMahon.

Little does she know, by keeping herself busy, she's inspiring other volunteers.

"She's proving that you don't have to be sitting in the corner and doing nothing at her age," said Judy Jones, who volunteers with Nina.

For the past 14 years, Jones has been filling the seats beside her as a friend and partner in crime. Nina drives- Judy delivers.

In between: "We joke, we joke all the time," said Jones. "We don't treat each other with "quiet dignity", we just have a good time."

"Whatever she comes up with, I don't agree with," said McMahon, with a laugh. "That's how it works!"

The pair takes on a route that's more than three times the length of some of the other volunteers'. Her supervisors say Nina's only missed a handful of days since she first started. When it comes to filling in the rest of the week-- don't count on it. The former 4th grade teacher still keeps her schedule booked solid.

"I'll once in awhile sub if they need me, and I'm available," said McMahon. "Because I'm kind of busy."

"Kind of busy" is an understatement.

"I belong to Sweet Adelines, I've been with them for 44 years, and I belong to a bridge club," said McMahon. "I belong to three committees on church, and I've done Red Cross for 22 years. I'm very busy."

With no plans to slow her pace down any time soon.

"I"m just so glad I'm able to do it, and I'll continue as long as I can."

Nina has been entered in the Meals on Wheels Associations of America's "American Volunteer" contest. The winner takes back $1,000 for his or her site; voting runs through August 26th. To vote for her via Facebook, click here.


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