Eden Yarn Club Part of "Tight-Knit" Community

1:47 AM, Apr 7, 2012   |    comments
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EDEN, N.Y.- If you pay a visit to a meeting of the Eden Yarn Club, chances are, you'll find them in stitches.

Meaning laughter, of course.

"I can't wait to get here," said Nancy Bianchi with a laugh. "Because we always have fun. Sometimes you don't even accomplish anything with your knitting or crocheting, because we're talking."

Though they may get distracted at their monthly meetings, members of the club still manage to produce plenty of knit goods to donate across Western New York. In the four years the club has been in operation, its members have donated about 1,700 pieces to hospital patients, war veterans, orphans in Afghanistan, and refugees. Currently, their efforts are going to St. Luke's Mission of Mercy.

Helga Antonou is the group's founder. While modest about her role, she has no trouble praising the group's overall success.

"I think it makes a difference," said Antonou. "We also send out love with everything we knit."

"I saw a mother at one of the homes take her newborn baby, unwrap it from an old bath towel, and put a brand new blanket on it," said member Liz Stewart. "It felt really good."

In its four years, the group has also weathered personal tragedy. Helga lost her husband a few months ago to cancer. When she was ready to come back, the club was waiting.

They've been great support, a network of support. We're like an extended family," said Antonou. "They were very gentle with me, I wasn't quite myself and they took over."

And in addition to giving you the shirt off her back-- chances are, these ladies would probably knit you one.

"It's very enriching, that we're doing something, there are so many needy people, and we're doing something good for somebody, there are so many needy people and just to be a small part of helping to make their lives nicer," said Antonou.

The Eden Yarn Club is looking for yarn donations, and volunteers.

If you're interested, you can drop of any donations at the Eden Library, or just stop by a meeting, which are generally held the first Saturday of every month. For more information, contact the Eden Library at 992-4028.






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