Hamburg Girl Starts Fundraiser To Fight Cancer

8:48 AM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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Meet the Munro family of Hamburg, the youngest is 7 year-old Allyson.  This great kid is making bracelets to sell for a great cause.

The bracelets are made from rubber bands which are looped and intertwined.

Allyson's mom Amy has a friend named Amy who was diagnosed with breast cancer in September. Allyson had an idea.

Mom: "she said can I make them for your friend, for breast cancer. So we found pink and white ones. And she started making them and it just turned into...a big deal"

Ally made enough bracelets to sell at a Hamburg football game for a dollar a piece.

Ally:"some people gave me 5 dollars and told me to keep the change"

Ally's mom and grandma put bracelet displays up at their workplaces and pretty soon Ally needed help keeping up with demand.  As you can see we have a team of experts making them now.
Half of the money raised will go to Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and the other half to the friend to help with her growing medical expenses. So far so Good.
Ally: "i'm up to $700."

Mom: "her goal was 100 dollars when she started, and she changed that to 10 hundred as she said, but wherever we get it's just such a great accomplishment." 

If you want to order a few, or donate to the cause, the mom's email address

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