Unique Places: 13th Floor of City Hall

8:40 PM, Dec 12, 2010   |    comments
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Ty Cobb was one of Baseball's greatest players; in fact, he was the first player elected to the baseball hall of fame. He still holds the record for the highest lifetime batting average.

Did you know that Cobb was married here in Buffalo in 1949? He was living in Nevada at the time, but he came to Buffalo to marry a 39-year old woman.

Did you also know that his marraige certificate is hanging up in a display case on the 13th floor of City Hall? 2 On Your Side's Scott Brown noticed it during a routine visit to City Hall this month (click on the video to the right to see the display).

How these two met or whether they lived happily ever after, no one will ever know. 

How's that for something unique?


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