Top 10 Ways 2 Save This Valentine's Day

7:30 PM, Feb 11, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - There are many great ways to get in to the Valentine's Day Spirit on a budget. Here's my Top 10 and these are all easy on you and your wallet.

1. Breakfast in Bed.

2. Coupons: Make your own for all of the you stuff should have done and all the favors you plan to do.

3. Make a Romantic Playlist: all the songs that tell the story of your relationship. It doesn't get more personal than this.

4. Make Your Own Romantic Dinner and Consider this Special: An absolutely spectacular dinner for two for $19.99 can be purchased today and while supplies last at Sloan Supermarket. It includes steak, lobster, shrimp, twice baked potatoes and salad. CLICK HERE.

5. Gift Certificates to your favorite restaurant. They're 80% Off Todayand if you click here and enter coupon code LOVE at Check Out, and you can look way more generous than you are.

6. Make Your Own Spa Night at Home. Purchase your significant other's favorite candles, scents, hand cream. Make your own basket of products. With sales that you'll find and Bath and Body Works right now, you can make something great for under $20.

7. A road trip somewhere romantic. Anything out of the norm where you both get out of the house to do something you both love. Even if it means going to that museum you really don't want to go to.

8. Make Your Own Card. Even if it will look hideous, it's really the thought, time and effort that counts. Dollar Stores have all the supplies you need to actually be original this year.

9. Get someone else to do it! Give your significant other a break from their least favorite chores. Whether it means hiring a dog-walker, a house-cleaner, a baby-sitter, let them off the hook for a day. Rather than getting a gift certificate or something that adds up cost-wise over time, a one time gift has the same impact.

10. If you're shopping for flowers.... GO LOCAL. Spare yourself crazy service fees and keep the money in our community. Below you'll find a list of the best Valentine's Day Offers in WNY, thank to merchants who answered our requests and got in touch with us:

A Blooming Place

716-639-9680. Order 24/7 By Phone. Beautiful Bouquets and Deals starting at $30 that include the vase, and some stunning arrangements. Mention "Channel 2" and you score free delivery in WNY through this Saturday!!

With any purchase, you can add a Murano style glass heart necklace & matching earring set (shown below) to your order for only $5! The hearts are made of fire glass with glitter inside the glass. Each piece was hand blown to make the perfect necklace pendant! While the selection lasts, your color choices are: clear/white, black, brown, red, blue, purple, and turquoise.

Apple Blossom Florists in Medina

Watch their Youtube Video and See What They Can do.CLICK HERE. Fantastic prices, customer service and certainly worth a look. Phone 585-798-2421. Address is 530 Main Street.  

Englewood Flower Shop, 716-873-4600.

959 Englewood Ave. $27.95 walk-in special for a dozen roses. Arrangements and bouquets starting at $10 to whatever you want to spend. Huge savings on single roses. They even partner with a local restaurant that offers free appetizers when you spend $25 at Englewood Flower Shop.

Floral Exploration, 716-838-4916

1448 Hertel Avenue, Save $10

on any Order over $50.00

if you Mention that you saw the offer on WGRZ.

Saville's County Florist, 716-622-4483

FREE Local Delivery on Feb 13th. Stop by 4020 N. Buffalo Road in Orchard park between now and 6pm Saturday to take advantage of Sunday's free Delivery Offer. Considering the wire services charge anywhere from $10-$20 for delivery alone, this is a great savings.

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