Occupy Protestors Say "Thanks" to Buffalo Police

12:07 PM, Nov 17, 2011   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Police dressed in riot gear moved in to dismantle the occupy protests in Denver, Philadelphia, Oakland and Portland, Oregon over the weekend after being ordered by officials in those cities to do so. But the scene here in Buffalo is much different.

Occupy Buffalo protestors have been camped out at Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo since October first and their message to police is not something we're seeing in other cities. Actually it's night and day.

On Monday, a few dozen of the Occupy Buffalo protestors marched down to Buffalo police headquarters but they weren't chanting about inequality or concerns they had, they were saying thank you. They held signs saying "thank you" and "we love Buffalo Police". It's a stark contrast to what's going on in other cities across the country where occupy protestors are camping out. The Buffalo group camped out at Niagara Square says this police department has been fair.

"We cooperate with them, they cooperate with us," said Mike Harter of Occupy Buffalo. "We've had a lot of really friendly, helpful police officers and we also think police unions are under attack right now and police may be siding with us and helping us along out of their own humanity and hope that the civil service of the officer of the peace continues to be a valued part of our society."

A spokesperson for Buffalo Police says the occupy group here in Buffalo has been peaceful and very cooperative. They say there have been few, if any incidents down there.

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