SPCA Seizes Dozens of Animals from Concord Property

11:43 PM, Mar 13, 2012   |    comments
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SPRINGVILLE, NY-- The Erie County SPCA seized 41 animals from a property on Cattaraugus Street in the Town of Concord.  Animals were living in conditions an SPCA spokeswoman called "deplorable."

In addition, investigators say they found animal parts scattered across the property that are believed to have belonged to a goat.

Among the animals seized were:

23 birds:
1 blue and gold macaw
1 quaker parakeet
1 Indian neck parakeet
2 baby green cheek conjurers(3-4 weeks old)
1 quaker parakeet (3 weeks old)
17 zebra finches

2 siamese cats
1 Australian Shepard
1 Chihuahua
1 beagle puppy
2 Maltese mixes
1 Yorkshire terrier
1 rabbit
6 miniature horses
1 goat
2 pigs

SPCA officials say the owner is a repeat offender, and that officials seized animals from her property in January 2010. 

Charges are pending an investigation and consultation with the Erie County District Attorney's office.  All animals are being checked by a veterinarian.

"This seems to mimic textbook hoarding, we've seen lots of species of animals, we saw dead animal fragments strewn throughout the property," said Gina Browning, Spokeswoman for the Erie County SPCA.  "The conditions were just deplorable, they were vile inside, again this is just textbook hoarding behavior."

Investigators say they received a complaint from someone who had visited the property that tipped them off.

Animal cruelty investigators who visited the scene say they found the six miniature horses in a small barn that had between two and three feet of packed manure inside.  Two pigs were seized from similar conditions; one pig was being checked for a broken leg on Tuesday afternoon.  Investigators say the animals did not have food or water.

The Erie County SPCA says it has seen quite a few hoarding cases recently, and one investigator credits the attention the issue gets on television for raising public awareness.   

"People are starting to call and say, 'oh, I saw something like this on television', and they say, 'oh, I'm going to call the SPCA', said Lindsay Styborski, Coordinator of Cruelty Investigations. 

Styborski says if cases like this one are caught before the escalate, investigators can help potential hoarders.

"It may not be malicious, it may not be cruel," said Styborski.  "But it may just be someone who got ridiculously overwhelmed and is drowning and we can step in and really give them a hand."

To report potential animal cruelty cases in Erie County during business hours, call 716-875-7360.  After hours, call 716-827-1609.

Browning says discussing whether these animals are up for adoption would be premature. 

"A lot of it is going to depend on if she signs the animals over," said Browning.  "We don't have a lot of indication that's going to happen.... She was not happy we were on her property."


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