Buffalo Ranked 10th Most Dangerous City

10:04 PM, Oct 21, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo Police

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Forbes online has ranked the Queen City the tenth most dangerous in America.

The ranking was recently published on the business magazine's website and puts Buffalo in similar company with other struggling rust-belt cities like Baltimore and Cleveland.

According to the ranking, Buffalo has about 1,238 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 resident. The site also mentions that even though crime has been falling since the 1990s, a high level of poverty city-wide makes it difficult to keep the numbers down.

City officials have been touting a lower murder rate in recent years. In 2010, Buffalo recorded 55 homicides, and in 2011 that number dropped to 35, the lowest in a decade. 

However this year, according to the Buffalo Police Department, there have been 40 murders, the most recent on October 16th.

The Forbes article said that it's basing its rankings on the FBI's violent crime data, and it focuses on cities, as opposed to overall metro areas, with a population of more than 200,000 people.

Buffalo Common Councilman David Rivera, who is retired police officer said he thinks the ranking is wrong because it does not fit the with data he has seen in recent years.

RIVERA: I've been retied now five years and I remember when we had high rates of homicides, burglaries, robberies, and shooting. You don't see them. What you do see is perhaps some more high-profile cases like the killing over at ECMC or if something happens on Chippewa [Street].

REPORTER: Are you concerned that there may be a perception that the city, at least parts of it, aren't always safe?

RIVERA: Oh, absolutely. We're always worried about the perception. If something happens on Chippewa, even though it may not have the numbers, but if something does happen, it draws attention.

Last weekend, three people were shot, one of them fatally, around 4 a.m. off Chippewa Street. Councilman Rivera said the best thing the city can do is give police all of the resources they need and tell the public when police solve the crimes.

We did try to speak to the mayor about the Forbes ranking. His spokesperson said the mayor has been out of the office for the last few days. We'll be sure to ask the mayor about it when he returns.

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