Questions For Governor Cuomo

9:56 AM, Dec 5, 2012   |    comments
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Governor Andrew Cuomo; AP Photo

BUFFALO, N.Y. - During Governor Cuomo's visit to Western New York on Tuesday, 2 On Your Side's Scott Brown asked him questions on a number of topics.

On how negotiations are going with the Bills for a new lease:

Scott Brown: "Do you believe a new lease can get done before the current one expires, or do you envision an interim one year lease?"

Governor Andrew Cuomo: "I don't want to do the negotiations in the press if you will. The conversations are going very well, it's a complicated transaction it involves a lot of money with a very significant asset obviously. But they're going very well. I'm optimistic about them, we're working at them diligently and let's just leave it at that for now."

In the wake of the Thruway Authority proposing a 45% toll hike on trucks, a number of business groups are calling for an independent audit of the Authority's operations.

Scott Brown: "Do you believe an independent audit is needed of the Thruway Authority's operations?"

Governor Cuomo: "There is no mystery to what's going on and we don't need any independent audit to figure that out. Find out a way to cut the expenses, get creative, come to me with different ideas of closing the gap without a toll increase. A toll increase to me is the last resort."

The governor will release his proposed 2013-2014 budget in January.

Scott Brown: "With the hurricane downstate, do you envision any need for an income tax increase or are you going to rule that out?"

Governor Cuomo: "We worked very hard over the past two years to change the reputation of this state as a high tax, anti-business state. One of the lessons we learned was you can't keep raising taxes and expect businesses to locate here and people to stay. We're seeing businesses give us a second look, we're seeing people coming back to this state and I want to keep that going and raising taxes would not be helpful to that."

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