Holiday Shopping Season Off To Good Start For Local Stores

12:43 PM, Dec 11, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - Mother Nature has delivered the gift of mild weather to local stores so far this Christmas shopping season.

And that's making for lots of customers at local stores like the Tree House on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Dave Schueckler, Tree House owner: "Mother Nature has the biggest effect, more so than any fiscal cliff, Mother Nature is our determining factor."

Now, just because the stores are local doesn't necessarily mean that their customers are.

Serena Smith, from just outside of Ft. Erie, was shopping with a girlfriend on Monday at the Tree House

She found out about the store a few years ago while on looking on the Internet.

She says she keeps coming back because of the selection, and the owners.

Serena Smith: "They're really fun, they really know their toys they like to help you out and demonstrate, you don't get that at the mall. This is my third time here and I've brought every single present for my grandkids here so far."

Just down the street at Everything Elmwood, they too get folks who literally go out of their way to shop on Elmwood.

Gary LaMartina, Everything Elmwood: "You do see people from Lewiston and Hamburg, people who want to venture out and not do the standard thing like go to the mall."

Out in Williamsville at the Walker Center they get shoppers from Canada to Jamestown.

They've added a few new stores like 'Tiny Walker' for clothes for little ones, and all of their stores are now connected, so folks don't have to walk outside once they enter any one of them.











Katherine Keller, Tony Walker & Co.: "So with all the variety we have here now, we're bringing in everyone from our men, women, young kids, grandmas."












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