You Paid For It: Statewide Mailer From Politician

9:41 AM, Dec 14, 2012   |    comments
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Buffalo, N.Y. - Brian Kolb, the top Republican in the state assembly, has portrayed himself as someone who says state government spends too much money.

So we were somewhat surprised when we found out that Kolb, from the Finger Lakes area, was sending out a mailer all across the state at taxpayer expense.

Kolb says he's mailing out 90 thousand of the six question surveys at what he says will cost taxpayers about $22,000.

And when you take a look at the questions that Kolb wants people to answer and then get back to him on, well some people would say it's all fairly obvious.

On the topic of job creation, one possible answer is "lower taxes for businesses."

And let's take a look question five: "What Matters To You?" it asks people to rank what's most important to them. Among the answers: "creating more jobs," and "cutting wasteful spending."

Speaking of wasteful spending, I asked Kolb if this mailer could be considered just that.

Scott Brown: "Given your concerns about state spending, was it really necessary to spend $22,000 on this?"

Assemblyman Brian Kolb: "Was it necessary? If I could get everybody to use e-mails especially our seniors where many people don't have access to a computer or use a computer they prefer to get something in the mail. I'm a strong protector of the state taxpayer dollars and when you're looking for information from the people we serve I think it's well spent money here."

Scott Brown: "Why did you feel the need to send this when I think many people would find the questions and the answers pretty easy?"

Assemblyman Brian Kolb: "The point of the survey is to provide feedback on what could be the most important items in the session 2103-2014 and you would get different answers Scott if you're calling Western New York or Central New York or New York City region. What you're doing is to get a pulse of what people are thinking across the state and that's why it's done statewide."

Now 2 On Your Side checked with the Assembly Speaker's office and it says Kolb as the minority leader is permitted to send one mailing per year to a "statewide audience."

And we should note that for the most recent six month period where figures are available, Kolb was actually among the lowest spenders in the Assembly on mailers to voters in his district, at just over $6,000.





















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