Legislator Calling For Repeal & Revision of SAFE Act

1:17 AM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - Just weeks after the school shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, New York State passed the toughest gun laws in the nation, including the ban of high capacity magazines and assault weapons.

Now comes word comes that several Erie County Republicans have introduced a bill to the legislature opposing the SAFE act, and asking for a repeal and revision of the law.

Erie County Legislator Ed Rath is the lead sponsor on a new resolution calling for the revision and repeal of the recently passed safe act. Rath has the support of four other members, but is looking for more. He told us Monday night, "my colleagues in the Republican caucus unanimously are urging Albany to revise this legislation which we believe is a violation of our consitutionally protected second amendment rights."

What Rath is especially upset with is the way the process was handled, the law was proposed by the Governor on January 14th and passed the very next day.

Rath supports several aspects of the safe act including tougher penalties for the killing of a first responder and protecting information about registered gun owners.  But he says "we need a thoughtful process whereby the public can weigh in on the law and tell their perspective to state legislators, right now , no conversation and process as this law was passed."

Rath wants the resolution to come up for a vote and hopefully be approved at the next legislative meeting a week from Thursday.

He told us Monday night that three counties have already voted to repeal the law and he wants Erie County to be the fourth to send a symbolic message to Albany.

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