Batavia Neighbors Protest Garbage Plan

1:07 AM, Feb 12, 2013   |    comments
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BATAVIA, N.Y. - More than 200 people turned out at City Hall in Batavia Monday night to protest a new garbage plan.

Neighbors had a chance to comment on the city's proposal to transfer garbage and recycling service from the current provider, ARC, to an out of town provider.

Many people were not happy about the plan that would bring totes to Batavia and implement a user fee based on the amount of trash you put at the curb.

"We don't want out money going to Arizona. We want our money staying here," Carol Grasso said. "We don't want totes. We don't have room for the totes."

City lawmakers in Batavia will vote on the measure that would allow the proposed change on February 25.

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