Buffalo School Superintendent Responds to Paladino

11:52 PM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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Pamela Brown

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- How seriously is the leadership of the Buffalo Public School District taking developer Carl Paladino's candidacy for school board?

Serious enough to call a press conference to respond to his claims.

That's exactly what Superintendent Dr. Pamela Brown did Friday.  She was upset about remarks the fiery developer made to the school board Wednesday night, alleging she wouldn't release a report issued by a distinguished educator brought in by the state education department to suggest improvements in the district.

"I ask that the board direct the superintendent to immediately release the unedited report of the distinguished educator Judy Elliott, which was delivered to the board president five weeks ago, It was promised to be delivered to the public four months ago," said Paladino at Wednesday night's school board meeting.

On Friday, Dr. Brown responded, "Throughout the time that I have served as a leader in public school systems, I have thrived on transparency and accountability."

Dr. Brown says she only asked that information about student achievement be included in the report.

The report has since been published to the board of education's website.


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