Juneteenth Weekend in Buffalo

2:41 PM, Jun 16, 2013   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- It's Juneteenth weekend in Buffalo.

The annual celebration of African-American heritage and culture takes place Saturday and Sunday at MLK Park. 

In addition to delicious food, artists and musicians are on hand to entertain the thousands that attend. 

The event kicked off with a special flag raising ceremony at City Hall Friday afternoon.

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In addition to a police and security presence, members of the Stop the Violence Coalition were helping to keep the peace.

"We are not police officers, that's not our responsibility," said Melissa Brown of the Stop the Violence Coalition, "but we do work alongside them so we can reassure the community that we're not looking to throw them into jail, but we give them an opportunity to think about their actions before they act."

Brown said the crowds have been excited to celebrate throughout the day and there have been no real issues to report.

Juneteenth continues on Sunday starting with praise and worship services in the morning.

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