Taglianetti Trial: Day 3

11:45 AM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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MAYVILLE, NY- Several people have taken the stand in the murder trial of Anthony R. Taglianetti, including his estranged wife.

Taglianetti is accused of killing Clymer Schools Superintendent Keith Reed over an alleged love affair between Reed and Taglianetti's wife.

Mary Taglianetti was called to the stand late Thursday afternoon.  She testified that at one point, Anthony Taglianetti had discovered her password, and sent threatening emails to Reed, copying some of those email to her parents.

In a series of uncomfortable moments for both the jury and spectators in the courtroom, Mary Taglianetti read aloud some of the explicitly sexual emails between her and Reed-- all while Anthony Taglianetti sat just feet behind her. Mary Taglianetti testified that on Aug. 5, 2012, she sent Reed an email thanking him for the "fun" time she'd had during a sexual phone conversation, which she described in detail during the email. She testified that by the next day, her husband had discovered the email exchange and then took control of the account by changing the password.

Mary Taglianetti testified that once her husband took this account, he began to fire a series of threatening emails to Reed, at one point claiming "I will find what school system you work for and take action."

She says Reed told Taglianetti to leave him alone, and to tell his wife to leave him along.

Mary Taglianetti also says she tried to warn Reed that her husband may be coming up to look for him. Mary and Anthony met in 1998 and got married in 1999, but they did not make eye contact in the room on Thursday.

Christine Burtick testified first this morning. She was a friend of Reed's and met him and his daughter Alison on the afternoon of the murder for a drink and appetizers at a pub in Fredonia. 

Chautauqua County Sheriff Joseph Gerace was also called to the stand by prosecution.  He was not up there long.   He testified that following initial news reports of the murder, he received a call from Mary Taglianetti, advising him that he should be on the lookout for her husband, and describing her husband's vehicle.  

Geraci testified that his office then put out a BOLO report to other police agencies. Gerace also began to say that he told Mary that he would contact police in Woodbridge, Virginia to send a patrol to her home to protect her, but the defense objected and the remark was stricken, which means it will not be considered by jurors.

Two Clymer school secretaries were also called to the witness stand.   Dianne Einaik testified that at about noon on September 21, 2012, a man appeared at the side door and said he wanted employment application. She testified that she let him in and took him to main office where another secretary, Teresa Lombardozzi, testified she gave the man an application for a substitute teaching position as he requested.  Lombardozzi testified that that man was Anthony Taglianetti.  She said Taglianetti told her he had "two masters degrees" and that she was "a little surprised someone with two masters would be seeking a sub job" 

Lombardozzi testified Taglianetti asked if Reed was there, and she directed him to his office.

Reed's secretary, Carole Siverling, took the stand on Thursday. She testified that she spoke with Taglianetti for about five minutes in the hallway outside the Reed's office on September 21, 2012. Siverling says she was in the hall outside the office when she met Taglianetti, who asked to see Reed, but she told him he was out of the office at a meeting. She testified that he said he had questions regarding the community and the schools, she said she would answer them. They spoke for about five minutes before Taglianetti left.

Jurors were then shown excerpts from a video surveillance system at the school. The clips show Taglianetti first trying one door near the school gym, then arriving at another side door near the student services office, where Eianik let him in and escorted him to the main office, and to Lombardozzi, who fetched the application he requested and directed him to Reed's office where he then spoke with Siverling.

Siverling got a bit emotional during one point of her testimony, and used a tissue to dab tears. This was when a prosecutor handed her Reed's iPhone and asked her to turn it on. When she did, the wallpaper photo was of Reed and his three daughters.

On Wednesday, Coroner James Jackson testified.  He testified that Reed died as a result of multiple gun shot wounds and declared his death a homicide.

Jackson said the gunshot wounds were shot at at close range.

Jurors were shown graphic pictures of bullet wounds in Reed's body.

At one point during the Coroner's testimony, the defense objected to one of the pictures that was to be shown. During a sidebar with attorneys, the judge took a pair of scissors and cut off a part of one of the pictures showing a closer view of Reed's body in the brush. The remaining 3/4 of the picture was entered into evidence.

On Tuesday, 12 witnesses testified, including Reed's daughter Allison and his friend John Filhaver. Both talked about seeing Reed on the day that he died.





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