Protests Held Outside Cuomo Fundraiser

12:39 AM, Nov 20, 2013   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY - Tuesday night, around two-hundred protesters gathered outside the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo where Governor Andrew Cuomo held a private political fundraising event.

The crowd called out the Governor just days after a new poll shows him sliding to his lowest job performance rating since taking office.

"We can't have the government controlling our guns," said John Williams.


"We need to use alternative energy," says Diana Strablow.

While Cuomo attended the fundraiser, members of several anti-fracking groups and the Second Amendment Coalition of Western New York protested his visit.


"For him to say that he thinks that he can take our rights away is to say that he's God, and until he gets promoted as some sort of divinity, he doesn't have that right,"says Joseph Mesler.

"He really needs to do like he said. Base his decision on hydro-fracking on the science," says Patricia Ceravole.


Fracking involves forcing natural gas and oil out of the ground by using a mix of water, chemicals and sand. Right now, there is a moratorium on high volume fracking in the state.


The protest comes as the Governor's job performance rating hit its lowest point. A Siena College poll released this week shows 44-percent of voters giving Cuomo positive marks for job performance and 56-percent having a negative response. That's down eight percentage points from last month.

But, when matched up against potential GOP opponents, Cuomo came out ahead. In one match up he is leading 65-percent to 24-percent over Carl Paladino.

It is safe to say, most of the voters at the protest do not plan on supporting the Governor in 2014.

"This is the voice of the people, if they want to float up on cloud nine, eventually the whole system is going to crumble because it has to be supported from the roots," said a costumed man who goes by "Tree Bard."

"We'd like to work with the Governor if the Governor would take the time to sit down with us coming to a resolution to all work toward the same goal," said David Rickard, who is against the Safe Act.

The Governor was not available for comment.

We asked several people walking into the fundraiser if they could tell us how much they donated to the Governor, and they would not give us an answer. One man said he was invited to the event and did not pay anything.

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