GOP Gloves Come Off

6:47 PM, Jan 26, 2012   |    comments
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It's getting nasty in Florida.

With the primary five days away and another debate tonight, Newt Gingrich launched a furious blast at Mitt Romney, who is trying to win Florida with a wave of negative ads.

"We're not stupid!" Gingrich told supporters near Orlando. "The message we should give Mitt Romney is you know, we're aren't that stupid and you aren't that clever."

It's a counterattack to the kind of negative ads that took Gingrich down in Iowa and are now up in Florida.

Romney, meanwhile, personally went after the former Speaker's record during one Miami interview.

"At the end of four years his approval rating had dropped to 18 percent. He had to pay an ethics fine. He was voted to be reprimanded by his own Republican members," Romney noted.

Gingrich fired back.

"We're not going to beat Barack Obama with some guy who has Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Island accounts, own shares of Goldman Sachs while it forecloses on Florida," he said.

Meanwhile, Republican insiders are stepping up their attacks on Gingrich.

Former presidential candidate Bob Dole said today Gingrich had an idea a minute as speaker, and most were off the wall.

Nominating Newt, said Dole, would lead to an Obama landslide victory.

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