Romney Takes Florida

10:59 AM, Feb 1, 2012   |    comments
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Florida's primary is over and it was a landslide. Turns out Newt Gingrich came nowhere near defeating Mitt Romney, but he's vowing to take this fight all the way.

Gingrich insists he'll be back when Tampa hosts the Republican Convention in August, making this a two-man race to the very end.

Mitt Romney now has three times as many delegates as Newt Gingrich -- and starting tomorrow, Secret Service protection, too - after a decisive win in Florida.

He won women, seniors and Hispanics -46% of the vote - after bombarding Florida with ads targeting gingrich. "A competitive primary does not divide us; it prepares us."   "Ours will be a united party with a winning ticket for America!", said Mitt Romney, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Gingrich is the only candidate who did not call to congratulate Romney. He came in a distant second but insists he'll compete in upcoming caucus states. "We are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in Tampa as the nominee in August!" proclaimed Newt Gingrich, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Overnight federal reports revealed who's funding these campaigns. Wall Street is backing Romney. His PAC earned 30 million last year.

Gingrich's PAC got a 10 million dollar donation from one casino owner - five times what they'd raised earlier.

The money will likely fuel more negative ads. "The American public does not want to see two or three candidates get into a mud -- you know, a mud-wrestling match where everybody walks away dirty," said Rick Santorum, (R) Presidential Candidate.

Now it's on to Nevada this weekend, where Ron Paul says he's got his best chance of winning, "If enthusiasm wins election, we win hands down," said Ron Paul, (R) Presidential Candidate.


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