GOP Presidential Candidates Will Address CPAC

10:52 AM, Feb 10, 2012   |    comments
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Mitt Romney's conservative supporters here in Washington have been urging him to step up his game. Today is his chance.

The Presidential GOP hopefuls address a big gathering of conservatives in Washington today.

Former candidate Rick Perry set the tone. "If it's half-time in America, I'm fearful of what the final score is gonna be if we let this President start the 2nd half as the quarterback," said Governor Rick Perry, (R) Texas.

It's a critical chance for Rick Santorum to build on his big primary season wins earlier this week, and make the case that he's the conservative candidate who can win.

It's a chance for Newt Gingrich to rally his supporters, but it may be Mitt Romney who has the most riding on his CPAC appearance. "CPAC is an incredible opportunity for Governor Romney to speak to directly to conservatives about the issues they care about," said Kevin Madden, 2008 Romney Advisor.

He is struggling with conservatives and is expected to explain his time as Massachusetts governor.

While the candidates may attack each other, the President and his administration's controversial contraceptive policy will be targets.

The President himself is not ready to sound off, but his Republican rivals are." This attack on religious freedom cannot - and will not - stand." House Speaker John Boehner/ (R) Ohio


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