November Race: Truth Test on Collins Attack Ad

7:42 PM, Sep 13, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- In recent days, Republican Chris Collins has been attacking Democrat Kathy Hochul over Obamacare, specifically how the Health Care Law affects Medicare.

NARRATOR: Kathy Hochul promised us:
HOCHUL CLIP: I am the one person in this race who has said I will not touch Medicare.

This part is TRUE -- Congresswoman Hochul made that promise when running in a special election for Congress in May of 2011.

NARRATOR: But she broke that promise to help pay for Obamacare. Hochul voted to cut Medicare and Medicare Advantage by over $700 billion when she opposed repealing Obamacare.

This part is MISLEADING.   






Hochul says she opposes those cuts -- and voted against a Republican budget that included them.

And technically, she never voted for any cuts to Medicare because she was not in Congress when Obamacare was passed.  She did, however, repeatedly vote against repealing Obamacare -- which allowed the so-called cuts to remain, as noted in the last part of the ad.

NARRATOR: She had six opportunities to say no to these devastating cuts, but each time she sided with Barack Obama against us.
Obama for Hochul.  Billions for Obamacare at our expense.

This last part of the ad is somewhat MISLEADING.
First, Hochul didn't always side with Obama. She's actually voted with Republicans to repeal certain portions of Obamacare.  
















Second, the end of the ad implies the cuts to Medicare come at the expense of the public.

According to the Brookings Institute and other publications -- "Obamacare's" so-called "cuts" to Medicare... Are actually savings.  The cuts mostly reduce payments to hospitals and insurance companies.  There's no evidence any patient benefits have been cut.

Our Aaron Saykin asked the Collins' campaign about the misleading attack.

REPORTER: "You're standing by the fact that you believe there is proof there have been actual cuts to benefits?"

CHRISTOPHER GRANT: "The logical rationale of what this vote means is that if insurance companies are losing their subsidies from the federal government, which is what Medicare Advantage does, that they're going to have to transfer those costs to somebody, and we all know that when the government needs to find somebody to pick up the cost, who do they go to? They go to the normal, everyday taxpayers -- in this case, the seniors, the over 25 percent of seniors who benefit and rely on Medicare Advantage."

But again -- there is no proof that's happened yet., and the Washington Post all call similar attacks FALSE.

We classify this overall ad as "MISLEADING."


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