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Prince Charles Opens Up About Becoming a Grandfather

11:46 AM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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Prince Charles is speaking out about being a grandfather as well as his fears for his son, Prince Harry, who's serving in Afghanistan.

The Prince of Wales sat down for an interview with British ITV's "This Morning."

Prince Charles talked about worrying about Prince Harry on the battlefield. He also said he was "getting very old" when the reporters congratulated him for soon being a grandfather.

The Prince said it was important to not leave a disfunctional world to the next generation.

"I don't want to be confronted by my future grandchild saying 'why didn't you do something?' So clearly now that I will have a grandchild, it makes it even more obvious, to try and make sure we hand them... leave them something that isn't a totally poisoned chalice."

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