Pollen Count Increasing In WNY

3:48 PM, Mar 21, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - The pollen count is inching upward and will peak Thursday in the Western New York area, according to Pollen.com.

Thursday's forecast is in the "high" range, similar to conditions that have been felt across much of the American South over the past several days.

Jackie Albarella, 2 On Your Side's gardening expert, said pollen sufferers should check with a doctor, but she also had some common-sense ways to deal with the allergies. She said to make sure you remove your shoes and even outer clothes before you enter your home if you've been in contact with pollen. That will keep the pollen out of your home.

Experts say to also check your air filters this time of year. If you're suffering through allergies, try to stay indoors as much as possible.

Allergy doctors are seeing a big increase in the number of patients. While over-the-counter allergy medicines oftentimes do the trick, most physicians say the OTC nose sprays do not work. Instead, try a Neti Pot or saline spray.

Albarella said the warm, dry conditions are to blame for the earlier-than-normal pollen conditions. She said a good rain or cooler temperatures would provide temporary relief. Albarella said it's possible the allergy season may not just be early; it may also be more severe.

In addition to tree pollen, she said grass could also cause allergy concerns in the coming days.

Check out Jackie's "2 the Garden" reports each week on Channel 2 News Daybreak Saturday.

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