The Great State Veggie Debate: Lawmaker Priorities ?

6:35 PM, Apr 22, 2011   |    comments
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 It may be just tongue in cheek,  but some state lawmakers have been busy pushing either sweet corn or the onion as the official state vegetable.

 And this past week there was a move to nominate the rescue dog as the official state dog. That may actually serve a good purpose in encouraging people to adopt animals as pets from shelters.

  But some taxpayers may question why these issues need to be discussed or debated by paid lawmakers who must also still deal with the state property tax issue, UB 2020, ethics reform, and other crucial matters.

  60th District State Senator Mark Grisanti says he won't even deal with such bills because he must focus on the issues that count. He also cited the example of a state lawmaker from Queens who wanted every bicycle to carry a pre-paid license.

 143rd District Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak says while it may seem frivolous to see time spent on such matters, the important issues will still be worked on.

 State lawmakers return to session in Albany next week.         


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