Southtowns Snow Brings Fun, Good Neighbors

10:12 PM, Dec 14, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Southtowns Snow

Snow in the southtowns brings out good neighbors

BUFFALO, N.Y.- With most of the southtowns schools in session, it seems the people having all the fun in the snow Monday were retired, like David Humphrey in Orchard Park.

"Oh yeah, it's fun, actually it's therapy," said Humphrey as he shoveled part of his sidewalk. "Compared to the last snow we had, was wet and slushy and gave me all kinds of trouble with the snowblower-- this is almost fun!"

Next door, Michael Stebick shovels his steps wearing only a T-shirt and shorts-- but he says his shoveling sessions aren't always like this one.

"I just wanted to clean up for the mailman, I just didn't get a chance to get dressed yet," said Stebick.

The mailman is John Schwartzott, and he has been walking this route for 17 years-- with only two days off for foul weather.

"So you get to learn a few tricks," said Schwartzott, "I walk the same route every day, so I know where my paths have been before they get covered up."

Down the street, some National Fuel employees brave the winter weather as they install a new gas line.

"It just piles on top," said Paul Scheerer of the snow, "and we just keep moving it, just keep moving it to do our job."

Scheerer and his co-worker from National Fuel planned to be out in the cold today; however Gary Glassbrenner-- dressed in full business attire-- wasn't expecting to be out in the snow.

But that's where the good samaritan found himself, when he found another motorist trapped in a snowbank on the side of the road.

With a little wheel-spinning and a lot of muscle, the driver, Harold Boniface, was soon back on the road.

But not without giving Glassbrenner a heartfelt "thank you." He offered his "good neighbor" compensation, but Glassbrenner wouldn't take it. Then, Boniface offered to donate to charity in his name-- and Glassbrenner accepted.

"You know what, we're taking food donations at Gentle Dentistry," said Glassbrenner, "drop off some canned goods and feed our homeless."

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