Now Hiring! 8,200+ High Paying Jobs in WNY

6:45 PM, Dec 16, 2010   |    comments
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Image Courtesy: Cafe Press

 BUFFALO, NY - In my continued search to find the best websites out there to save you time and money, today we're helping you get a job.

Whether you're looking for work or looking for a change of corporate scenery, we have you covered.

There are a lot of job sites out there and many are complicated, full of pop-ups and sometimes lead you astray. About a year ago, I began to test job sites that really pack the punch and  lives up to its name. It's like having your own career fair, directly on your desktop.

The site is a breeze to use, nothing to sign up for, completely free, no hoops to jump through and it found more jobs for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio than any other job site I've checked.

You can do your own search right here or look through some of the jobs I found below:

We Found Thousands of Jobs from some major employers in our area:

Kaleida Health, HSBC, Catholic Health, M&T Bank, and

Ingram Micro has a lot of interesting openings. 

We found over 3000 local jobs for Sales, CLICK HERE.

 We found about 1,800 local Retail jobs, CLICK HERE.

We found more than 1000 local Marketing jobs, CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.We found more than 4,000 local Education jobs, CLICK HERE.

You can also search by salaries, employer, job type and even sign up for easy email alerts and get the jobs that match your criteria delivered directly to you, CLICK HERE  for a tutorial to begin using email alerts.

Use the salary tabs on the left of the page and you'll notice that there are thousands of jobs available in Wester New York at $40,000/year or more.

Skeptical? We also found dozens of recent testimonials from real people in our community and around the country. who have used the site successfully? Here are some tips to make the job magic happen for you. CLICK HERE.


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