Hero Central: Albion Mail Carrier Helps Save Elderly Woman

6:15 PM, Oct 26, 2011   |    comments
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  It happened last Friday as Donna Haight was making her rounds on King Street in the Village of Albion as a U.S. Postal service letter carrier.

   Donna stopped at the home of a 92 year old woman who the mail carriers know lives alone. They frequently enter her home while delivering the mail just to check on the woman. Donna says she did not see the woman sitting in her usual chair so she called out for her.  The woman cried out and Donna found her laying on the floor of her laundry area. Donna noticed the woman suffered a head wound which caused her to bleed.

  Haight called 9-1-1 for an ambulance and called the woman's son when she located his phone number in the house. A crew from the Central Orleans Volunteer Ambulance unit arrived and the injured woman was transported to Medina Memorial Hospital. Their last report had her hospitalized under observation but in satisfactory condition.  

   Donna Haight now shrugs off any references to her as a hero just pointing out that the woman is part of their "postal family" and people in the community just look out for one another.

    Albion Postmaster Michael Kestler says Donna is typical of the letter carriers which work out of his post office. He says they all watch out for their elderly customers and especially look for overflowing mail in their home mail boxes. That can be a signal that something is not right and they will contact police to check out the situation.

   Kestler says he is impressed by Donna Haight's efforts and will submit her name for an award to the Postmaster General's Office in Washingiton.       


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