Tipline: Gas Prices Drastically Lower In Springville

6:08 PM, Nov 12, 2011   |    comments
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Cash price for gas in Springville on 11/11 was 27-cents below WNY average

SPRINGVILLE, NY -It's a question Jordan Crandall, a shift manager at the Gulf station on South Waverly Street gets all the time. Why are the gas prices in this southern Erie County village hovering at about 20 cents per gallon less than the average price in Western New York?

"They come in and they go, 'why is it so cheap, is there something we should know?' As for the exact reason, I'm not too sure," Crandall told WGRZ-TV.

It's even less for cash, which he says plenty of people are paying, to save another 7 or 8 cents a gallon, bringing the cash price down to as low as $3.37 per gallon on Friday, compared to the WNY average on that day of $3.66.

"We have an ATM over in the corner and people even go and take the big hit on that sometimes to fill up their big diesel trucks and stuff like that," Crandall said.

It was a source unexpected delight for James Baker of Williamsville , who happened to be passing through town while visiting family.

"I was driving by, saw the prices, and swung back around," Baker said, while topping off his tank at a Mobil station on Main Street. "It's huge ...I mean 20 cents less a gallon, I topped it off and probably saved five dollars, so that went well with the trip," he said.

"This is good enough for now...but it should be the same back in the Buffalo area," said Tony Lewandowski of Alden, who discovered the "Springville secret" about a month ago when he began his annual fall hunting treks down to this area.

"It's $3.69 at home, and there's quite a bit of travel involved for me to come out here...and that's quite a bit of money in gas. So I always fill up here instead of back in Buffalo," Lewandowski said.

In a free market economy, stations will charge what what people will pay.

Springville is within a short drive of Indian reservations which--without having to charge tax -can sell for less.

But beyond that, it just comes down to competition between the stations here amid an apparent price war which Crandall recalls as having broken out about a month or so ago.

"Our main competitor (Country Fair) is across the road, and we try and stay on par with them," said Crandall, who noted prices could just as easily break the other way.

"If they were to raise their price 20-cents tomorrow, we'd be right there on their coat tails, probably a couple hours later," he said.

Until then, some are content to not look a gift pump in the mouth.

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