Product Test: Pretzel Maker

8:43 AM, Feb 8, 2012   |    comments
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Product Test: Pretzel Maker

We bought the Nostalgia Electronics Stainless Steel Two In One Soft Pretzel Factory at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 29.99.

You can change the plates to make small or large pretzels. It only takes three minutes to pre-heat the product. It comes with recipes, but you can also use pre-made dough. You use the pretzel cutter that comes with the product to shape the dough. It was not easy to do this and took some muscle.

Finally, our tester, Jessie got it done. She put the product in the cooker and waited about five minutes. The pretzel cooked up nicely -- just add some salt or sugar or whatever topping you might like -- and there you go.

It tasted good and didn't take too much time but our tester thought it was just a little too much work and is giving the product one thumb up and one down.

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