US Postal Service Announces Williams St. Facility Moving to Rochester

5:54 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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William Street Post Office

BUFFALO, NY  - The US Postal Service is moving all mail processing operations from the Buffalo distribution facility on William Street to Rochester.

Officials say there will be no change to the retail post office and vehicle maintenance facility that are also located on William Street.

"The decision to consolidate mail processing facilities recognizes the urgent need to reduce the size of the national mail processing network to eliminate costly underutilized infrastructure," said Chief Operating Officer Megan Brennan. "Consolidating operations is necessary if the Postal Service is to remain viable to provide mail service to the nation."

Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon (R), released this statement following the announcement:

"I am very disappointed to learn that the United States Postal Service has announced the William Street facility will be closing. Hundreds of Postal Service employees, concerned residents and elected officials came out in opposition, voicing their concerns. I pushed for and ask for continued extensive reviews of cost-saving measures aimed at keeping the William Street facility open, resulting in the preservation of jobs and services. News that the Postal Service went forward with its consolidation plan is devastating for our area. I would ask the United States Postal Service to please reconsider this decision," Legislator Dixon stated.

Karen Mazurkiewicz, a local Spokesperson for the Postal Service told 2 On Your Side, 700 employees currently work at the William Street facility, and there is no plans to hand out any pink slips. Instead 200 positions may be cut through retirements, or early buy-outs. The rest of the employees will be offered a chance to go to Rochester, or other positions entirely.

"We would give them opportunities to maybe go to a carrier position, or take a clerk position out at a post office. So you know we have options and we are really good at making sure our employees who want to stay with the postal service, can stay with the postal service,"said Mazurkiewicz.

That plan is not sitting well with Frank Resetarits, the President of the American Postal Workers Union Buffalo, NY Local. He says union members are worried about their uncertain future. Plus many of them have no intentions of moving on to a different position, or even to Rochester.


"I'm assuming that if our members wanted to do that they could've voluntarily put in for transfers long ago, but there is a reason they want to stay here at their domicile with their families, and to uproot them is stressful on them," said Resetarits.

No date has been set for the transfer to begin. Residential and business mailers will continue to be served through the current facilities.



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