$22.5 Million Hotel Could Soon Come to Niagara Falls

5:53 PM, Feb 24, 2012   |    comments
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Site for proposed hotel in Niagara Falls, New York

NIAGARA FALLS, NY -- A proposal to build a brand-new $22.5 million hotel project could soon become a reality in downtown Niagara Falls, New York.

Proposed by The Hamister Group, Inc., the project will bring 105 hotel rooms as well as residential units and retail to the downtown corridor if approved. Those in favor of the hotel say that the development would allow for recruitment of city-wide conventions to Niagara Falls.

"It'll be great for us because it'll aid us in going out and getting those city-wide conventions, which will bring economic dollars to the area," said Melissa Morinello, Director of Marketing and Communication for the Niagara Tours and Convention Corporation.

"For a regular city-wide convention, you're looking at about 1,300-1,500 hotel rooms that are needed. We have a little over 1,000 bookable hotel rooms, so the more projects that we have like this that are going to bring hotel rooms to the area the better."

There have also been plans to renovate other hotels in the downtown area such as the Falls Side Hotel and Hotel Niagara. Morinello believes that the addition of a hotel would open Niagara Falls to a brand-new market to bring conventions to the area.

"It just continues the development of Niagara Falls. We've seen projects go on Old Falls Street. The casino-hotel that was built not so long ago was one of the first projects, and now they're redoing Old Falls Street as well as the new culinary arts center downtown. So I think it's just adding to the development that has been happening downtown. The destination is growing, which is wonderful," said Morinello.

If the new hotel is built, it will be located at the corner of Old Falls Street and Rainbow Boulevard, taking the place of the old Great American Balloon Company.

"We're very excited about the project, and we're looking forward to them putting the shovels into the ground and getting this moving," said Morinello.

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