Williamsville Board of Ed Looks At "Skype" Option

11:48 PM, Feb 26, 2012   |    comments
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  The Williamsville Board of Education is now studying the idea of allowing board members to attend a meeting with their video on-line presence via Skype.

   Board President Dr. Michael Littman says the use of Skype could allow board members who have pressing family matters, illness, or workplace obligations to still keep up on board business.

   Littman acknowledges that some taxpayers may not like the idea because they feel elected officials like board members should be present for each meeting. That may especially apply for some key issues like the budget, personnel, or matters which involve parents and students. But he still feels this is an effective way for them to keep up to date on various issues.

  The Board of Education must vote on the Skype proposal before it would take effect. Littman says the school district has used teleconferencing for some time and the Board has actually heard consultants and outside contractors make presentations via Skype.  


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