MLK Splash Pad Project Still Not Complete

9:04 AM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, N.Y.- Five weeks after the original deadline for the $4.5 million dollar splash pad project at MLK Park, things seems to be moving forward- albeit, slowly.

"We have no deadline that we're giving the contractors," said Mayor Byron Brown Tuesday night. "We are inspecting the work every single day, and our focus right now is to make sure that it gets done right."

But the leader of the Coalition to Save MLK Park, Sam Herbert, doesn't have quite as much patience. He says since the July 1st deadline came and went- he hasn't heard of a new one.

"Since they couldn't come up with a date, I gave them a date of August 18th," said Herbert. "And they looked at me and said, 'Sam, we can do that'."

2 On Your Side placed several calls to the contractor- Man O'Trees- but didn't hear back, and couldn't confirm that promise.

Either way, Herbert says he plans on holding an opening ceremony at the park on August 25th.

"The mayor's not calling this opening ceremony, this is the coalition, the community," said Herbert. "The mayor is invited, of course."

But Brown said he doesn't expect the project to be completed before the summer's out, pointing out the city isn't leaving kids out to dry, and that there are other options.

"Other wading pools are functional," said Brown. "We have another wading pool right behind the Martin Luther King Park Casino."

The mayor said part of the reason the city is inspecting the work so closely is because of the delayed timeline.

"Because it is somewhat behind schedule, we were somewhat worried about quality," said Brown.

When its completed, the basin will not only feature splash pads in the summer, but a reflecting pool in the spring and fall, and an ice skating rink in the winter.

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