Class AA North Preview

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1) Lockport
2) Niagara Falls
3) Kenmore West
4) Hutch Tech
5) Riverside

Top Players:
Justice Faggans, Riverside
Ricky Bailey, Niagara Falls
James Chambers III, Lockport
Jamal Collins, Hutch Tech
Joe Fumerelle, Kenmore West


Lockport Lions

Head Coach: Greg Bronson (22-23-0, 5 years)
Assistant coaches: Joe Scapaelitti, Trait Smith, Jeff Rogowski, Matt Vermette, Josh Jablonski, Miles Patterson, Greg Wilson
2011 Varsity Record: 4-3-1
Starters Returning: Offense 8 Defense 5
Key Players: Kyle Few, Khari Demos, James Chambers III, Dan Bronson, Mitchell Evans, William Diebel, Tom Furlong, Moziah Townsend, Stephano Anzalone 
Key Losses: Luke Hinton, Luke DePriest

Lions bring back 13 of last year's starters in hopes of improving upon their 2011 season. Dan Bronson will direct offense again at quarterback. RB James Chambers III should help anchor the ground game with Stephano Anzalone, Tom Furlong and OL Khari Demos paving the way up front. Defensive standout Moziah Townsend will be expected to help set the tone on the other side of the ball. Lockport looks to be a formidable challenge for the 2012 League Title.

Niagara Falls Wolverines

Head Coach: Don Bass (16-28-0, 5 years)
Assistant coaches: Jon Robins, Dave Kinney, Bob Couldrey, Warren Gilmore, Doug Howard, Tony Paretto
2011 Varsity Record: 5-4-0
Starters Returning: Offense 3 Defense 4
Key Players: Ricky Bailey, K'Shawn Sistrunk, Tikere Ralands, Keyon Handley, Treston Hutchinson, Kyle Deween, Anthony Paretto
Key Losses: Jeff Goldsmith, John Beaman, Richie Kolek
2011 JV Record: 1-4-2

Wolverines return 7 starters from last year's 5-4-0 squad and look to improve in 2012. Offensive standout Ricky Bailey will spearhead Niagara Falls passing attack , while being protected by OL Keyon Handley and Treston Hutchinson. K'Shwan Sistrunk runs a 4.4. forty and is a candidate for 1,000 yards rushing. Coach Bass will look to Tikere Ralands to lead the defensive unit in hopes of contending for the Sectional Title.

Kenmore West Blue Devils

Head Coach: Rich Harris (44-52-1, 11 years)
Assistant Coaches: John Haynes, Matt O'Malley
2011 Varsity Record: 7-2-0
Starters Returning: Offense 6 Defense 4
Key Players: Joe Fumerelle, Joshua Roe, Greg Howell, Stever Kulick, Jon Szurczynski, Mike Harris, Trent White, Nick Wojniak
Key Losses: Martin Bailey, Nick Hersey, Marcus Lobdell, Brandon Lathrop
2011 JV Record: 5-3-0

Blue Devils return 10 starters from last year's impressive 7-2-0 squad. Coach Rich Harris will look to keep the winning ways of 2011 by relying on TE Greg Howell and LB Joe Fumerelle to lead the way on offense and defense. Expect Kenmore West to compete for a playoff berth.

Riverside Frontiers

Head Coach: Jose Rodriguez (1st year)
Assistant Coaches: Anthony Adams, Andrew Mogavero, Ron Reddick, George Rodriquez 
2011 Varsity Record: 0-9-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 5
Key Players: Yusef Burgos, Tim Autin, Pasquale Sciafe, Justice Faggans 
Key Losses: Ed Slowinski, Ondre Ryles

Frontiers look to get in the win column in the 2012 season, and will have to rely on the play of Justice Faggans & Yusef Burgos to be competitive. Coach Jose Rodriguez enters his 1st year at Riverside, and return 5 starters on both sides of the ball.

Hutch Tech Engineers

Head Coach: Chris Gelsomina (10-24-0, 4 years)
Assistant Coaches: Tom Jost, RJ Killinger
2011 Varsity Record: 2-7-0
Starters Returning: Offense 5 Defense 4
Key Players: Jamel Collins, Robert Graves, Nars Abdullah, William Ngyen, Deshawn Stroy, Marquis Dowell, Whakim Lumpkins, Lenny Dowell
Key Losses: Deandre Fitzgerald, Aaron Hoyt
2011 JV Record: 3-4-0

Engineers will try to improve on last year's season and returns 9 starters. Coach Gelsomina will rely on Jamal Collins, Robert Graves, Nars Abdullah, Whakim Lumpkins, and company to increase 2011's win total and be competitive in Class AA.

Preseason All-League:
QB Ricky Bailey Niagara Falls
RB K'Shawn Sistrunk Niagara Falls
RB James Chambers III Lockport
RB Mitchell Evans Lockport
TE Greg Howell Kenmore West
WR Robert Graves, Hutch Tech
WR Trent White Kenmore West
OL Tom Furlong Lockport
OL Keyon Handley Niagara Falls
OL Whakim Lumpkins Hutch Tech
OL Jon Szurczynski Kenmore West
OL Nars Abdullah Hutch Tech
OL Khari Demos Lockport
OL Treston Hutchinson Niagara Falls
K Kyle Few Lockport

DL Marquis Dowell Hutch Tech
DL Mike Harris Kenmore West
DL Jamel Collins Hutch Tech
DL Tikere Ralands Niagara Falls
LB Joe Fumerelle Kenmore West
LB Deshawn Stroy Hutch Tech
LB Josh Roe Kenmore West
LB Rahim Rashid Riverside
LB Moziah Townsend Lockport
DB Cantrell Mitchell Hutch Tech
DB Justice Faggans, Riverside 
DB Yusef Burgos Riverside
P Kyle Deween Niagara Falls

News and Notes:

  • Coach with most wins: Rich Harris, Kenmore West 
  • Strongest: Keyon Handley, Niagara Falls 
  • Fastest: K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
  • Biggest: Khari Demos, Lockport 
  • Best Nickname: Ricky "Prime Time" Bailey, Niagara Falls 
  • Best Cheerleaders: Niagara Falls 
  • Top Complex: Riverside 
  • Best Rushers: James Chambers III, Lockport & K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
    Marquis & Lenny Dowell of Hutch Tech are twins 
  • Unsung Player: Stephano Anzalone, Lockport 
  • Top Lineman: Khari Demos, Lockport 
  • Major Impact Player: K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
  • Preseason Offensive Player of Year: K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
  • Preseason Defensive Players of Year: Moziah Townsend, Lockport and Jamel Cullins, Hutch Tech 
  • Team with most Sectional Titles: Lockport 
  • Best Dressed: Don Bass, Niagara Falls 
  • Most Photogenic: Mike Harris, Kenmore West and Stephano Anzalone, Lockport 
  • Best Dancer: Kyle Few, Lockport 
  • Game Changer: Ricky Bailey, Niagara Falls 
  • Top Underclassman: K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
  • Must See Game: Niagara Falls @ Lockport (Sep. 22)
  • Most Loquacious: Joe Scapelitti, Lockport 
  • Player you will get to know: K'Shawn Sistrunk, Niagara Falls 
  • Biggest Question: Will Riverside come to play this season after going winless in 2011

Last year in Sectional Title Game:
Kenmore West: 1996
Riverside: Never
Lockport: 2003
Hutch Tech: Never
Niagara Falls: Never

Last year Won Sectional Title:
Kenmore West: Never
Riverside: Never
Lockport: 2003
Hutch Tech: Never
Niagara Falls: Never
Lockport is the only school which has won a Sectional Title in football, doing so in (1989, 1990, 2003)
Forecast: Title is up for grabs, with Lockport and Niagara Falls having the inside track.


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