NYSPHAA 20 Yard Line Overtime Procedure

8:39 PM, Aug 16, 2012   |    comments
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1. At the end of the fourth quarter, the teams have identical scored, the tie may be resolved by this plan. All the game rules will apply except the try will not be made when it is not required to break the tie.

2. When the score if tied at the end of the fourth quarter, the referee will instruct both teams to return to their respective team boxes. There will be a three-minute intermission during which both teams may confer with their coaches. All officials will assemble at the 50-yard line, review the procedure and determine the number of time-outs remaining for each team. The head linesman will go to the team on the side of the field where the line-to-gain equipment is located. The field judge will go to the other to inform the coaches of the number of the field for the coin toss. The visiting team captain shall be given the privilege of calling the coin while it is in the air. The winner of the toss shall be given his choice of the ball possession or designating the direction of the offense for the overtime period.

3. Each team shall be permitted one additional time-out for extra period plus any unused regulation game time-out. The team scoring the greater number of points in overtime shall be declared the winner. The final score shall be determined by totaling all points scored by each team during the regular and overtime periods.

4. To start the overtime, the offensive team shall put the ball in play, first and ten on B's 20-yard line. Team A shall have a series of four downs to make a first down (10 yards). The series shall be terminated by any score by A or if B has possession at the end of any down. Team A shall be awarded a new series when (A.) the penalty for defensive pass interference is accepted, (B.) there is a change of team possession during the down and the ball belongs to A at the end of the down, (C.) team A recovers a scrimmage-kick (field goal attempt) between the goal lines after it has been touched first by B beyond the neutral zone, and (D.) when any penalty by B results in a next series being awarded, (E.) when the line to gain is made.

5. If team A scores a touchdown, it is entitled to the opportunity to try for the point, except when it is unnecessary to break the tie. A field goal attempt is permitted during any down.

6. After team A has completed its series, team B will become the offensive team with the ball in its possessions in order to insure equal game conditions and conserve time.

7. If the score remains tied after each team has been given one series, the procedure shall be repeated until a winner is determined. There will be an intermission of two minutes during which the loser of the toss will be given first choice of the options. If additional periods are required, first choice of options will be alternated.

8. The above procedures are to be used in all playoffs.

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