Coaches Profile: John Sopko, Springville

7:39 PM, Aug 28, 2012   |    comments
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John Sopko, Springville Head Coach
Why did you enter the coaching profession?
The pay-it-forward/pay-it-back concept
What is your philosophy in coaching?
"Coach your players as if you intend for them to marry your daughter." - Eddie Robinson
What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?
Players having fun because they are not confused or frustrated at what they are doing together.
What was your greatest win in coaching High School Football?
Chuck Funke B Bowl Championship vs. Tonawanda
What were your most memorable moments in coaching High School Football?
Playing in remnants of a hurricane tail at Cheektowaga years ago; our last game in 2011, walking off Pop Warner Field with our Senior players. 
Who are the most talented players that you coached?
Jeff Piscitelli, Joe Baker, Derrick Benz, Matt Wolcott, Cody Schweickert, Troy Studd, Derek Puff, Mark Rendell
What game do you remember the most?
Chuck Funke B Bowl Championship vs. Tonawanda and in 2010 vs. Akron.
What is your biggest thrill coaching?
Observing players continued as college players, husbands, fathers, professionals, adults. 
How important are your assistant coaches?
Varsity assistants are invaluable. 
What do you expect from a player?
Focus, investment, integrity, pride.
What were the best teams you have coached?
2011 Springville Varsity; 1989 Springville; 1988 Alden
What was your most proud or memorable moment in playing football?
Playing at the college level; making my high school's varsity roster and earning two Varsity letters. 
Who was your mentor?
Mick Nugent, Jim Duprey

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