Commentary: Let's Be Realistic

8:26 PM, Sep 9, 2012   |    comments
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Let's Be Realistic
Division I and Division I A coaches send out hundreds of letters to potential recruits. A student-athlete in his junior year of high school receives a letter of interest from a major program such as the University of Michigan. The student and parents become excited, show the letter to everyone, and believe that their son has the ability to receive a scholarship.
However, the player is 6 feet, 180 lbs and runs a 4.8 forty. With his size and speed it is very likely that he will never play at Division I college. Yet, both the student-athlete and parents experience delusions of grandeur, will not listen, and still believe he has the opportunity of receiving a scholarship to play football at a major level.
Frequently, parents will question and/or challenge head coaches about their sons playing time, position, etc. based on the coach jeopardizing their son's future.
At some time in the process a freefall occurs when both players and parents become despondent that there is no offer and or contact from any major college.
Expectations which are not attainable often rule the family and eventually the youngster has a meltdown since he is not receiving any interest.
Is student-athletes and parents had a better understanding of the recruiting process, the aforementioned illustration and negative consequences could be significantly reduced and/or avoided. 

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