Coaches Profile: Kraig Kurzanski, Williamsville South

8:13 PM, Sep 18, 2012   |    comments
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Why did you enter the coaching profession?
Love kids, loved football/baseball
What is your philosophy in coaching?
Win without boasting, lose without an excuse; kids first. 
What brings you the most satisfaction in coaching?
Seeing boys years later and they still talk High School Football.
What was your greatest win in coaching High School Football?
Win #1 (Oakfield-Alabama 14, Attica 3)
What were your most memorable moments in coaching High School Football?
Took four different schools to Championship games (O-A, CHS, SML, Will.South)
Who are the most talented players that you coached?
Joe Licata, Kevin O'Connell, Trent Ferguson, Chaq Nettles. 
What game do you remember the most?
Losing 57-0 to Sweet Home in my first season at South. 
What is your biggest thrill coaching?
Watching kids perform to the best of their abilities. 
How important are your assistant coaches?
The most - the orchestrate practice, do all of our offseason stuff -- they should get more credit. 
What do you expect from a player?
Respect - effort - character. 
What were the best teams you have coached?
2011, 2010 Will South teams. 
What was your most proud or memorable moment in playing football?
Beating St. Joe's 6-2 at CHS (while a player) in 1982 in a snowstorm. They were #1 in WNY.  
Who was your mentor?
My father, Fred Kurzanski, and Jerry Obstein (S.Park High School)

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