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12:41 PM, Sep 27, 2012   |    comments
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Rosie O'Donnell's recent heart attack has shined a spotlight on women and heart disease.
It's the number one killer in america and one in four women will die from it.
How much do you know about women's heart health?
Doctor Frank McGeorge has some important information that may surprise you.

No doubt the fight against breast cancer is an important one but...

Dr. McGeorge: "what kills more women breast cancer or heart disease?"
"breast cancer."

That's a common misconception in fact heart disease kills 10 times the number of women every year than breast cancer.
How about this one...

Dr. McGeorge: "are the symptoms of a heart attack the same for men and women?"
"i don't believe so..."

that's right... in fact women are more likely to have vague nonspecific symptoms like slight pressure, nausea or just severe fatigue than men are -- that means women may be less likely to recognize when they are having a heart attack.

Dr. McGeorge: "who's more likely to survive a heart attack a man or woman?"
"a woman."

that's actually wrong... women have a lower chance of surviving a heart attack... many believe that's partly because women are less likely to recognize their symptoms and get help quickly.

Dr. McGeorge: "what's the single most important thing a woman can do to reduce her chance of having a heart attack?"

that's a good answer... in fact there are lots of important risk factors we have control of like our blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight... but the best answer is not smoking.
if you smoke... a woman's chances of having a heart attack is double.

Don't become a heart attack statistic.
know the heart attack warning signs and symptoms.
if you are having symptoms... call 9-1-1... and take an aspirin to prevent further blood clotting.

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