It's in the Rules: Linesman and Line Judge Positioning

8:47 PM, Oct 13, 2012   |    comments
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It is important that the Linesman and Line Judge begin each play positioned on the sideline, outside the field of play. The Linesman and Line Judge should start each play aligned opposite each other, straddling the neutral zone, working just out of bounds with several field management duties.

Player and non-player safety as well as sideline control with the prospect for clear communication between the game officials and coaches is very important. Positioning along the sideline allows the action to be in front of them. Working wide will give the Linesman and Line Judge a broader view of the play with complete outside-in coverage while keeping play boxed. Working outside firled of play will also prevent game officials from having players lining up or positioned behind them. It is essential to begin each play wide. This gives the game official a better perspective with a wider peripheral view for better officiating opportunities.

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