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Dick Gallagher's Question to Players

4:46 PM, Nov 4, 2012   |    comments
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Dick Gallagher asked a group of high school football players to "give one word that describes the experience of being able to play in Ralph Wilson Stadium", and these were the responses that follow:

Tory Grupa, Fredonia - "Unbelievable"
Zack Buckley, Fredonia - "Mezmerizing"
Nick Nocek, Fredonia - "Magical"
Weston Ley, Fredonia - "Exciting"
Chris Saden, Fredonia - "Inspirational"
Andy Smigiera, West Seneca East - "Unbelievable"
Ryan Johnson, West Seneca East - "Incredible"
Scott Ackerman, West Seneca East - "Incredible"
Austin Spindler, West Seneca East - "Destiny"
Andrew Theal, West Seneca East - "Surreal"
Scott Rosier, Alden - "Spectacular"
Corey Barczykowski, Alden - "Thrilling"
Brian Stoldt, Alden - "Competitive"
Alex Darrow, Alden - "Exciting"
Domenic Brotz, Alden - "Unforgettable"
Chris Phinney, Springville - "Awesome"
Tyler Studd, Springville - "Energizing"
Brandon Ball, Springville - "Unbelievable"
Reed Lipowicz, Springville - "Exciting"
Bill Dickinson, Springville - "Fantastic"
Jacob Radlich, Cleveland Hill - "Mezmerizing"
Jonathan Thomas, Cleveland Hill - "Breathtaking"
Brandon Thomas, Cleveland Hill - "Exciting"
Andre Krajewski, Cleveland Hill - "Valuable"
Ryan Mullin, Cleveland Hill - "Amazing"
Austin Goltz, Orchard Park - "Memorable"
Mike Senn, Orchard Park - "Invigorating"
Mitchell Wilson, Orchard Park - "Fun"
Chris SanFilippo, Orchard Park - "Unforgettable"
Ben Holmes, Orchard Park - "Special"
Mike Watson, Jamestown - "Memorable"
Thomas Fortune, Jamestown - "Powerful"
John Czech, Jamestown - "Breathtaking"
Cortland Haines, Jamestown - "Exhilirating"
Connor Anderson, Jamestown - "Determined"
Caleb Clark, Clymer - "Unforgettable"
Dan Lictus, Clymer - "Surreal"
Jake Wiggers, Clymer - "Breathtaking"
Austin Cramer, Clymer - "Stellar"
Tom Heiser, Clymer - "Spectacular"
Connor Payne, Clymer - "Amazing"
Oliver Simpson, Maple Grove - "Exhilirating"
Aaron Germaine, Maple Grove - "Motivational"
Jake Swan, Maple Grove - "Awesome"
Lee Wascher, Maple Grove - "Inspiring"
Jon Scroxton, Maple Grove - "Irreplaceable"
Dylan Faust, Randolph - "Awesome"
Alex Miinte, Randolph - "Unbelievable"
Jordan Dowiasz, Randolph - "Unreal"
Nate Beaver, Randolph - "Amazing"
Ryan Styles, Randolph - "Heavenly"
Jake Rinko, Ellicottville - "Amazing"
Cameron Wilson, Ellicottville - "Stunning"
Taylor Grinols, Ellicottville - "Memorable"
Jonas Hurlburg, Ellicottville - "Unreal"

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