Decision 2012: NY27 Truth Test Round Up

4:44 PM, Nov 5, 2012   |    comments
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BUFFALO, NY - With just a couple days left until Election Day, the latest 2 On Your Side/Buffalo News/Siena College poll points out that many people are reacting to the ads for the 27th Congressional District.

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In the November poll, 39% of likely voters say Rep. Kathy Hochul (D) is waging the more negative campaign, while 34% of voters think her Republican challenger Chris Collins is.

Only 1% of voters say "neither" is waging a more negative campaign.

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We have put ads from both sides to the Truth Test this fall, and on both sides we have found misleading and false statements.

Before you cast your ballot, you can review each of our Truth Tests here:

August 21: Hochul & Collins release first ads

September 7: Hochul ad attacks Collins work in China

September 10: Collins ad attacks Hochul on Obamacare's effect on Medicare

September 24: National Republican Congressional Committee attacks Hochul

September 26: House Majority PAC slams Collins on jobs

October 12: More PAC attack ads in NY27  

October 16: Fact Check the 27th Congressional Debate

October 23: Two more PAC ads are put to the Truth Test

October 24: Tough questions for worker in anti-Collins ad

November 3: Truth Test Hochul ad on Collins' Pro-Life stance

November 3: Who are the PACs behind the Hochul/Collins Ads

November 4: Anti-Hochul "Trick or Treat" ad



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